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POLL 2016

Dear Customers and Friends,

This is our annual survey, with the firm purpose of detecting satisfaction and dissatisfaction of our clients and trying to generate the improvements that emerge from this survey.

For a better evaluation, we ask the following response:


Company / Customer__________Office or    Department_______________


How did you met the company? (If you´re a customer contacted, in the last year) 


Recommended: ……                        Internet: ……


In which way you contact us?


Telephone: ……         e-mail: ……          web page: …….


3-Do you receive our newsletter?


Yes: ……                  No:……


4: If you do not receive the newsletter, and you are interested, please enter your e-mail:


Level of satisfaction:



Very good




Product quality





Technical Support / consulting





After sales service





Customer service





Delivery performance





Packaging / labeled







6- Comment:


Internal use:

Made survey:

Evaluation of survey: